Bicycle exercise can strengthen the heart bicycle fitness away from sub-health

Cycling has become more and more popular. The benefits of cycling are more than you can imagine. Experts point out that the benefits of cycling are not only to lose weight, but also to prevent disease and keep you away from sub-health.

Cycling is not only the exercise, the fun of it is in the open air, is in the beauty of nature, and not limited by space and staff, you can be a man of leisure on the country road cycling, can also be a few people together dozens of people running on the main road, more important is in the gym at the same time, can go to tour the motherland great rivers, around the local conditions and customs.

Calligraphy heart, riding body. Some people SAY that CALLIGRAPhers live a long life, SHI Jiadong said that longevity caused some calligraphers to become famous. Calligraphy is a quiet activity, is a behavior to cultivate the mind, calm the heart, but life also has passion, cycling can let Shi Jiadong realize the desire to travel ten thousand miles, to broaden the mind to expand the horizon, strengthen the body.

More than half of the world’s deaths are caused by heart disease. The bicycle is one of the best tools to overcome heart problems. Cycling NOT ONLY COMPRESSES BLOOD FLOW through THE LEGS AND draws BLOOD BACK TO THE HEART FROM THE BLOOD VESSELS, BUT IT ACTUALLY STRENGTHENS MICROVASCULAR TISSUE AT THE SAME TIME. This is called collateral circulation. Strengthening your blood vessels will help you stay youthful and protect you from the threats of age.

In addition, habitual cycling can gradually expand your heart. Otherwise, the blood vessels will become thinner and the heart will become more and more degenerate, and you will experience the trouble of it in old age, and then you will find how perfect the bicycle exercise is.

Cycling is an exercise that requires a lot of oxygen. Once, an elderly man completed a bicycle trip of 460 kilometers in 6 days. “Older people should exercise at least three times a week to strengthen the heart and restore normal function,” he said. Make your heart beat hard, but not for too long. So it will be able to adapt to emergency situations, such as driving a car or resisting difficulties.”

Cycling can also prevent high blood pressure, sometimes more effectively than medication. It also prevents weight gain, stiffens blood vessels, and strengthens bones. Bicycles save you from taking drugs to keep fit, and they do no harm.

Bicycle is a tool to lose weight. According to statistics, a person weighing 75 kilograms can lose half a kilogram of weight when riding 73 miles at a speed of 9 and a half miles per hour, but it must be persevered every day.

Bicycle exercise, not only can lose weight, but also make your figure more symmetrical attractive. People who lose weight through exercise, or exercise while dieting, are in better shape and more attractive than those who lose weight by dieting alone. The strong muscles brought by the exercise, and the tiny ankles made by the bicycle exercise, are much better than the gaunt, green veins protruding diet.

Proper exercise releases a hormone that makes your heart open and your spirit happy. We know from experience that cycling produces this hormone.

In fact, because cycling compresses blood vessels and increases blood circulation, your brain takes in more oxygen, so you take in more fresh air. After a while, you’ll feel clearer.

You will feel free and exhilarating on this self-powered bicycle. It is more than a sport, it is a joyful exile of the mind.

Post time: Oct-31-2022