Cycling weight loss fitness medium speed is appropriate

Nowadays, many young people have joined the cycling army in order to improve their physique, lose weight and keep fit. Fitness coach Zhang Yong suggests that you must choose the right method to lose weight by cycling so as to achieve the best results.

The faster you ride your bike, the better you burn fat. In fact, cycling at a moderate speed is the best way to lose weight. Exercisers control their heart rate at 65% to 85% of their maximum heart rate while riding a bicycle, and the speed of an ordinary bicycle is about 15 km/h.

Cycling is aerobic exercise, and through aerobic exercise to lose weight should be no less than three times a week, and each continuous cycling time should be more than 30 minutes, with 40 to 60 minutes is appropriate. Cycling for less than 30 minutes tends to lose less weight.

In addition, when losing weight by riding a bicycle, it is best to first ride at a medium slow speed for about 2 minutes, and then ride at 1.5 to 2 times the speed for about 2 minutes, and then ride at a medium slow speed, and then ride fast, so that the alternating cycle exercise can improve the adaptability of cyclists to aerobic exercise.

Post time: Jul-22-2022