Safety Tips to Prevent Sledding Accidents While Enjoying Snow

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (WTVF) — Middle Tennessee is covered in snow and kids are clinging to sleds up the mountain, but a fun day in the snow can become dangerous in seconds.
“The type of snow we’ve seen over the past few days — we pretty much expected the kids to get hurt,” said Dr. Jeffrey Upman, chief surgeon at Carell Children’s Hospital in Monroe Jr.”I think if you’re going to put your kids on the sled, wipe the dirt off the bike helmet first, then put on the bike helmet and put them on the sled first.”
Dr Upman said the Children’s Hospital had seen everything from broken bones to concussions from sledding accidents.”You really want them to have a safe, soft landing, you don’t want it to be dangerously steep.”
When sledding, choose an area away from roads, trees or bodies of water, he said, and not all sleds are created equal.”Those inner tubes and other things that don’t have a steering mechanism – they can be very, very dangerous when little kids really don’t have the ability to fall off of them properly, so I’d stick with the normal types of sleds you provide that can be used with yours Steer the helm.”
“Where there’s snow you can see the ice underneath, and kids might think they’re prone to slipping on stable ground, of course sledding is quicker to have fun, but it’s also very, very dangerous.”
Another dangerous sled hook is attached to a motor vehicle.The only thing your kids should be drawn to is your hand holding them through the park, Upman says.

Post time: Jan-08-2022