The difference between mountain bicycle and road bicycle

Mountain bicycle originated in San Francisco, USA in 1977.Suitable for a variety of complex road conditions.Strong body, flexible control, wide tires, easy to pass, often with a gearbox that can be shifted to a more labor-saving or fast gear, and a shock absorber system to reduce turbulence.Tire thick grip is good for off-road, mountain bike overall strength is larger, strong impact resistance, riding more comfortable, compared with other bicycles when powerful riding is not easy to damage.It is by far the most widely seen bicycle on the market.

Although mountain bikes are not as fast as road bikes, they have more market in the cycling circle because of their wider riding conditions.For cyclists, if they like challenges and other climbing routes, mountain bikes have more advantages because they are more suitable for riding mountainous areas, muddy and gravel roads.

Suitable crowd: men and women, old and young suitable road conditions: any road advantages: strong braking force, through, with cross-country performance, can cross the mountain forest road

Disadvantages: car weight, flat road tooth tire performance is dragging feet, the speed is low.

Road bicycle intended for use on smooth road surface, due to the smooth surface resistance is small, the design of road bikes more considerations high-speed, often use can reduce the wind resistance of the curved handle, narrower tues, high pressure and low resistance tests are higher, and the wheel diameter is larger than the general mountaineering suvs, standard road car wheel diameter is the size of a unified, which is 700 c,Because frames and accessories don’t need to be reinforced like mountain bikes, they tend to be light and efficient on the road.Road bikes are the most elegant of bikes, thanks to their unreinforced frame and often simple, efficient diamond-shaped design.

Professional racing at home and abroad is generally on the road, in terms of the speed is also the fastest of all kinds of bikes (of course, with your physical strength must be inseparable).Because the suitable environment of the road car is not as good as the mountain bike, the domestic mountain bike usage is far greater than the road car;

Suitable crowd: the pursuit of speed, energetic crowd

Suitable road conditions: race road, flat road advantages: light weight, high speed

Disadvantages: the posture is more aggressive (more prone), through the low, no bearing capacity, no shock absorbers.

Post time: Jun-18-2021