The items of riding to avoid

With all your preparation, the ride is ready to hit the road. But in the process of riding, the following items are specifically to avoid:

Improper use of brakes

Please brake the rear wheel first to avoid brake force is too large and fall. The position of brake handle can be changed according to personal habits. Before the road should ask a professional technician to adjust the brake line tightness, check brake block and wheel clearance and wear degree.

Improper way of turning

When turning the body will tilt, then the inside pedal plate should be kept level or placed above, so as not to touch the ground. You should slow down before you enter the corner. It is very dangerous to brake during the turn.

Wrong way to go up and down

Some people stand up and pedal when riding uphill. However, this position should be avoided unless it is a steep hill or requires an accelerated sprint. In addition to being more physically demanding, the increased center of gravity causes poor handling, and the rear wheels are prone to slipping. The correct way should be: when climbing, the sitting position moves forward, the upper body presses down to maintain the center of gravity, with light tooth ratio trample forward. As you go downhill, shift your weight back, lower your body, and clamp the seat between your thighs. Pay attention to the control speed, should adopt the way of progressive braking, strictly prohibit emergency braking.

Not maintaining a safe distance

If riding in a group, always keep a safe distance between vehicles. In the long ride will be before the car for wind, easy to ride; It is recommended that riders should be separated by at least one cycle for safety reasons as wide and straight roads tend to distract riders.

Crush road protrusions

Road conditions are now well known, so when riding, you need to look far away, avoid driving too fast, and watch for obstacles or potholes on the road. If dodging is not possible, it is suggested to pull up the handle and make the front wheel jump over with pedal strength. Lessen the impact force.

Ride with headphones

It is difficult to detect external information, such as the honk of a car behind or the reminder of a teammate, and the headphone cable is too long to cause accidents. If you want to listen to music or radio, you can use an external player. It is forbidden to wear headphones to listen to music while riding.

Out of spirits, ie out of physical condition

If you are physically or mentally ill and unable to concentrate, plan alternate routes or delays to avoid danger.

If a vehicle fault cannot be repaired immediately, proceed by alternative means or request road assistance. Especially if the brake or wheel set (tire) and other components are abnormal, do not force riding.

In case of typhoon, heavy rain, lightning strike, strong wind and other bad weather factors, you should change your trip or cancel it.

If you encounter bad weather conditions while riding, wait for the wind and rain to subside before proceeding.

Avoid riding in the middle of the day (12 noon to 2 p.m.) or in temperatures over 35 degrees Celsius, and keep hydrated.

Due to the lack of light source, car lights can only be used as auxiliary to remind other passers-by. It is suggested that the itinerary should start early, increase the rest time at noon, and arrive at the end of today’s journey before the sun sets.

In particular, group riding should avoid riding at night, so as to avoid accidents due to poor sight, unripe road surface and other factors.

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Post time: Nov-15-2021