What is the life span of a bicycle? How old is your bike?

A bicycle is a “consumable”, from small parts to complete vehicles. Over time, they wear out, the frame and fork may take longer, and of course different materials have very different life spans.
Some major component manufacturers will give some reference life.
Although the frame lasts longer, there is also a reference range (fYI) :
Aluminum 5-10 years
Steel 6-10 years
Carbon 5 to 7 years
Titanium 10 to 15 years
The best way to prolong the life of a bicycle frame is to properly maintain and protect it. Although some brands guarantee the bicycle for life, it does not mean that you do not have to change the bike for life.
Brake pad: 1000 km -2500 km.
Tooth disc/front sprocket: 5000 km -10000 km.
Chain: 2500-3500 km.
Flywheel: 10000+ km.
Tires: 5,000-10,000km.
Central axis: 18,000 km.
These numbers are just for reference, but the reality is much more complex, with the intensity of maintenance and the environment of the ride all affecting the life of these components.
Why don’t cheap bikes last long
Cheaper bikes, which are often less durable, often have problems during riding, and when this happens, it’s usually due to improper assembly, not necessarily to the quality of the bike.
Of course, many ultra-cheap bikes use inferior internal parts, such as hub bearings. These can go wrong within a few months, while more expensive bikes usually use better parts and are more durable.
Mountain bikes are more durable than road bikes
The same material, compared to the mountain bike is undoubtedly more durable. Mountain bikes typically have more spokes and wider rims and tires, which not only allow them to handle more complex road conditions, but also make them more durable.
Frame: The same material, the mountain bike frame has thicker pipe walls and may be less prone to deformation during impact.
The components of mountain bikes are generally heavier than those of road bikes.
Is a broken bicycle worth repairing?
If you’re riding a bike that’s comfortable, has all your needs covered, and is a well-known brand, your bike is worth repairing.
The increase in the price of parts and artificial, before repair, be sure to consult the local car shop good price.
Good maintenance habits will make your bike last longer. Replacing or updating worn components is a great way to improve your ride experience and keep your bike running (whether it’s expensive or cheap).
When it comes to durability, it has to be said that the “twenty-eighth bar” made in China, whether it is commuting to marry or carrying people to haul goods, all leave a deep impression on people.

Post time: Jun-20-2022