Why are the gears of road bikes so delicate?Is it just to speed things up?

Why are the gears of road bikes so delicate?Is it just to speed things up?Not so, if you want to understand why the road bike gear points so delicate, in fact, understand the role of transmission know.

Car friends know that the speed of the road car is relatively fast, the smaller the tooth ratio of the rear flywheel, the faster the speed will be.However, everyone does not agree on what the fastest speed should be.

Maybe your best gear, the flywheel is 13T, and I’m best gear when I’m 15T.Only in the optimal speed range, engine efficiency will be the highest.

Speed is maintained only when the engine is comfortable and smooth.If the engine speed is too high, or too low, it will affect the speed change, and even affect the life of the engine.

When riding, the human leg acts as the engine.Human legs, which are already flesh, are much weaker in the presence of steel engines.For more people, it’s harder to find the right range.

Human legs are choosy, and so are people.Therefore, the gear range of the human leg can only be done more delicate, the gear range is more narrow.In this case, you need more gears to maintain this range.

Only by maintaining the best speed range can the cycling level be higher and higher.In a car, you can never get to 100 gear, and if you can, the engine will wear itself out.

Road cyclists, if they want to improve their riding results, the requirements and experience in the speed range will be more obvious.So, in order to find the best speed range, we have to look for more speed on the car.

Only if you look for a car with more speed ranges, it will be easier to find the best gear ratio to maintain revs.

This is also the reason why the gears of road bikes are so delicate, not only to improve speed, but to find the most suitable gear for their own riding, to achieve the best results.

Post time: Jan-06-2022